In today's reality, have any of these questions crossed your mind?

  • How long is this going to last? How much more am I expected to take? How will I make it through all of this?

  • What else might I need to be prepared for? What's going to happen next?

  • At the end of the day, what really matters to me? To others? Do I matter? How do I use this for good?

  • What will it take to find hope, happiness, joy, meaning, focus, or even the sense of time in my life again?

Some things you've told us...

“I've gone from trying to manage work-life balance to struggling with work-life boundaries. Working from home has taken over my life!”


“I'm now a full-time mom, house keeper, head chef, teacher, soccer coach and working professional. How do I do all of that at once and stay sane?”


“I'm used to being much more social - playing sports, eating out, and going out with friends. With all this time at home I feel disconnected, lazy and unmotivated. ”


Unpack what good change can bring to your life.

The complete normal 2.0 toolkit consists of 5 separate courses: the free normal 2.0 overview course, a complete and separate course for each of the 3 change tiers, and a bonus resource guide.

Your Normal 2.0 Toolkit© Includes

  • Training Videos to learn what works

  • Self-Assessments to track your progress

  • Easy-to-Use Best Practice Strategies

  • Worksheets to help reflect and remember

  • Insight Moments to spark motivation

  • Resource Guides to further explore topics

We are experts in the heart and science of human change.

We teach topics that support employee wellness and success such as resilience, mental agility, high performance, employee engagement, emotional intelligence, interpersonal and team communication, vitality, and wellbeing.

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